Specializing In the Removal of Scrap Metal and Old Machinery.

Do you have a pile of metal? working or dead machinery taking up valuable floor space? we specialize in removing large machinery from warehouses and offices, Free up your valuable warehouse and schedule an onsite pickup today. 

Specializing In The Removal Of Scrap Metal & Large Machinery

At your disposal, our metal recycling and removal service is designed to maximize your bottom line, minimize your environmental liabilities, and comply with all Ontario's local regulations on how to manage, handle and process metals or machinery. Call us today and we will remove your scrap, junk metal, machinery or computer equipment. 

Computer Recycling

A premier and leading body in computer equipment or e-waste recycling, we are leading the way on how to manage, seperate and export the components generated from computers. Soon to be issued our ISO certification we receive, seperate, sort and broker most of the ewaste Ontario generates from old computer and electronics items. 


Scrap Metal Recycling

Open to the public we accept all types of scrap metals.
You can sell your scrap to Monarch Metal Recycling by dropping off your prepared or loose scrap and items at our Markham scaled drop-off and processing location.

To better utilize our removal services we highly advise arranging a neighborhood or street day, Custom pickup service can incur additional charges. We understand your needs, let us manage your request and get your items removed in a timely manor.

Offering competitive pricing for all items; as prices vary day to day we cannot give you our price list online. 

Feel free to contact us. 905-415-8668

Commercial Services

Roll-off Container Service (like dumpster's)
Demolition Metal
Scrap Off-Cuts
Recycling Drives
Specialty Hauling
Electronic Waste Removal 

Loose or Bundled Items

PC Towers
Phone Systems


Scrap Cars and Items

Engine Components
Drive Trains
Car Batteries

Large Machinery

Residential Services

Metal Removal
Appliance Removal
Neighborhood Cleanup/Recycling Drives
Scrap Car Removal